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About Us


Hello! Hola!

I'm Alex Valenzuela


I'm married and have 4 wonderful blessings. We have been saved for over 15 years and served in a number of ministries

around the US. Simply Said was born in my heart in 2016 during a season of my life that many things didn’t make sense.


I was overwhelmed with everything life was becoming for me. A newlywed, a father, a young man in search of his identity in the plans of God.

I found myself being challenged in every front, especially my faith. Having so many experiences through my walk in faith,

it often seemed as though I didn’t truly know my God. I longed for answers that didn’t revolve around the usual “feel good” advice.


In that progress, the Holy Spirit ministered to me in a way,  I hadn’t ever experienced. It was intimate, it was SIMPLE.

As time went on, so many traditions and beliefs started to dissipate. It was like being born again! Who God was and is did not change, instead my understanding of who He is and what He desires for us did!

Our Goal is to create an environment where everyone regardless of their denomination or background can come together and discuss Christ

without reproach or judgement. We want to arm ourselves with the full armor of Christ so we can also be vessels to share this gospel.

Learning and experiencing our Lord together as the Church!

Our dreams are to be stepping stones. We hope that through this podcast encourages your relationship with the Lord. We want to help new and

mature believers alike. We are starting small but desire to reach every part of the world with the teachings of Scripture. No matter where

or what place you're located spiritually, or physically.

We want to reach the smallest corners of the web to serve. Our intention is not to replace your time with the Lord but propel your desire to

spend more time with Him and serve within your local community. 

We humbly ask you for support: a share, like, follow and/or review goes the distance.


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